11 July 2023 | Online

20 September 2023 | Online

Key Topic Areas Included In the Programme


BJSM Live – Concussion in Sport Webinar will feature a welcome session delivered by Prof. Jon Patricios, Professor of Sport and Exercise Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine, Faculty Health Sciences, Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa. The professor will highlight key takeaways of the BJSMs Consensus Statement in Concussion in Sport and will be followed by a panel discussion featuring a mix of both pre-planned questions and questions from you, the online audience.


The following topics will be discussed:

  • Acute detection of sport-related concussion and implications for the SCAT Tools
  • Re-evaluation: Beyond acute assessment to office management
  • Rest and exercise
  • Targeted interventions and their effect on recovery
  • Persisting symptoms and defining recover
  • Defining recovery & the role of technology
  • Clinical recovery from concussion: Return to school and sport
  • Examining later-in-life health risk associated with sport-related concussions
  • When should an athlete retire or discontinue participating in contact or collision sports
  • Prevention


Join your colleagues and peers across the globe for a unique 90 minute programme that will give expert advice on managing patients in your practice, and to discuss how we support populations to live healthy and physically active lifestyles.