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Key Topic Areas Included In the Programme


BJSM Live – Sports Physiotherapy Webinar on 28 November 2023, 10:00 – 14:00 (GMT), will feature ten sessions covering four main themes.


  1. Gender Appropriate Health
  2. Management of Concussion
  3. Physical Activity
  4. Mental Health



Programme timetable:


10:00: Welcome and Introduction (Jo Kemp)


10:15: Gender appropriate health for all (Andrea Mosler)

Pelvic Health and Implications for Physiotherapy Care will discuss the relevance of considering pelvic health within sports medicine and the implications it may have to the athletes you support.

  • Intersectionality and implications for female/women athletes (Nonhlanhla Mkumbuzi)
  • Transgender athlete health and implications for physiotherapy care (Luci Olewinski)

This session will discuss an overview of health care disparities for transgender patients, details of social, medical, or surgical transition, impact of transition on health outcomes, and physical therapy needs of transgender patients. We will also briefly touch on that is known about how medical and surgical transition affect sporting performance.


11:15: Mental health (Jo Kemp)

  • Friendship bench
  • Mental health in footballers: what should physiotherapists know and do? (Vincent Gouttebarge)


12:00: Physical activity for all (Nonhlanhla Mkumbuzi)

  • Overcoming fear of movement in MSK conditions (Marcella Pazzinatto)
  • Physical activity in marginalised communities and how physiotherapists can promote PA (Jason Gill)
  • Postpartum return to sport and return to physical activity (Jenna Schulz and Jane Thornton)
    This session will focus on postpartum return to activity and sport – specifically what guidelines currently exist, and how researchers, practitioners and stakeholders should focus on in the future to improve longevity in sport for female athletes.


13:15: Management of concussion for all (Nicole Surdyka)

  • Concussion in marginalised athletes and implications for physiotherapy care (Osman Ahmed)

This session will highlight several key athlete populations who have additional considerations relating to concussion management, and how Physiotherapists can factor this into the care they provide for them. The work of the Concussion in Para Sport group will be summarised, including key management strategies for when working with Para athletes. Existing concussion research relating to other marginalised communities (including racial disparities) will be shared, along with practical suggestions of how Physiotherapists can aim to provide optimal concussion care for all our athletes.

  • Concussion in para sport and implications for physiotherapy care (Cheri Blauwet)


13:45: Comments and close (Nonhlanhla Mkumbuzi)


Join your colleagues and peers across the globe for a unique 4 hour programme that will give expert advice on managing patients in your practice, and to discuss how we support populations to live healthy and physically active lifestyles.

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